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Day 1: Self Portrait + My Mother-in-Law’s Kugel Recipe

I’m sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted… things were a little crazy there for a while… I got back from Ohio and then I immediately started my job.  I was in training for 3 full days and then … Continue reading

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Passover 2011 will be over at 8:11 PM: How will you celebrate?

Passover will be over tonight at 8:11 PM.  (For those of you who are not MOTs (Members of the Tribe), the Jewish day goes from sun down to sun down, which means that holidays start at sundown and go until … Continue reading

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Happy Easter?

Well today is Easter… and so nothing is open in New Orleans, since the official religion of the city is Catholic.  That is why we have been home all day today, getting work done.  Ken has been studying for Step … Continue reading

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Recipe Update: Sweet and Sour Meatballs

I already posted this recipe before Passover started but since I made it last night and had a chance to take a few photos while I made it, I wanted to re-post it along with the photos.  We also made … Continue reading

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Passover Brunch!?

Growing up, my family never kept Passover, but my mom would make a few traditional Passover dishes during the holiday and one of my all-time favorites was Matzo Brei.  For those of you who did not grow up Jewish, Matzo … Continue reading

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A Passover Date Night!

So it’s Passover… and we are spending the night in tonight, cooking and hanging out together.  But, since we obviously can’t order takeout or have a traditional “pizza and a movie night,” we’re making our own Passover versions of foods … Continue reading

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Everyone has that holiday that they always look forward to… for some it’s Thanksgiving because of the foods and the smells, for some it’s Halloween because of the costumes and the candy, for others it’s Hanukkah because of the gift … Continue reading

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