Passover Brunch!?

Growing up, my family never kept Passover, but my mom would make a few traditional Passover dishes during the holiday and one of my all-time favorites was Matzo Brei.  For those of you who did not grow up Jewish, Matzo Brei is kind of hard to explain… it’s sort of like an omelette made out of matzo?  But for those of you who are Jewish then you probably know what I’m talking about.  So last year, I asked my mom for her Matzo Brei recipe but she has 2 recipes for Matzo Brei… one is the “big kind” and one is the “little kind.”  The “big kind” ends up with a big flat piece of matzo brei, and it’s very tasty and a little less bad for you.   You can eat it with jam, cinnamon and sugar, or just plain.  The “little kind” is even tastier and really bad for you (because of the oil) but it’s just a once-a-year kind of thing so it’s probably okay to have once or twice during the Holiday.  You really don’t need to put anything on it cause it’s very tasty as is, but some people like to mix in some cinnamon and sugar.  Personally, Ken and I both like it plain.

So here’s the recipe for Little Matzo Brei (originally from my Aunt Rae (my father’s brother’s wife) but given to me by my mother–Thanks Mom!)

  • 4 matzo boards
  • 4 eggs
  • salt
  • plain vegetable oil

Boil some water.  Crumble 4 matzo boards into a deepish bowl.  When the water is boiling, cover the matzo with the boiling water and let sit until the water is cool.  Drain any water that wasn’t absorbed.

Add 4 eggs to the matzos and stir until the eggs are well blended.  Add a large pinch of salt.  Heat the oil (enough to more than just cover the bottom of the pan–it needs to come up maybe 1/8 of an inch) in the frying pan until a drop of water, when dropped from a couple inches up, sizzles.  Add all the matzo mixture and spread out.  Lower heat to medium.  Let cook until the bottom is golden, then break it up with a wooden spoon or spatula and turn over.  You may need to add a bit of oil.  Keep cooking until some of the pieces are crisp, turning over frequently, and breaking up any sections that adhere to each other.  Spread some newspaper on the counter and cover it with a couple layers of paper towels, spread the matzo brei on it to drain the extra oil.  Serve and enjoy!

When you feed food this yummy to your husband during Passover, you get big smiles and two thumbs up!

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One Response to Passover Brunch!?

  1. Robert the Father-In-Law says:

    More eggs than I use. My recipe is simple and exactly as my father made it. Take a sheet and a half of matzo, break it up into small pieces, soak it in a pan of cold water for only 30 seconds. Add one egg, mix it up, and place it in a fry pan previously sprayed with vegetable oil. Flatten it out and cook until nicely brown on both sides. It isn’t pretty, but it tastes great with sour cream (low fat variety if you prefer) and kosher salt sprinkled on it. A lot less cholesterol and fewer calories. Everyone has a favorite way of serving this and this just happens to be mine. Enjoy !!!

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