Why a Kosher food blog?!?!

I started this blog in 2010 after I had been reading a lot of food blogs, and noticed that there are food blogs for every type of cooking–vegetarian, vegan, high-protein, low-fiber, low-fat, low-carb, healthy, Italian, Greek, baking, budget-cooking, etc. etc. but I wasn’t seeing any great Kosher blogs so I decided to start one!  Since then, so much has happened: we moved from New Orleans back to Baltimore, we started a family, we both graduated from graduate school (I’m a lawyer, Ken’s a doctor) and we’ve done a bit of traveling here and there.  I try to post when I can but sometimes life gets in the way of this little blog and I have a dry spell when I don’t post much.  I hope you enjoy the recipes you find–please comment to let me know which ones you’ve tried, what changes you’ve made to the recipes to improve them, and if you have any recipes or products you’d like me to feature on the blog!

Kosher food can definitely be sexy, too, so enjoy and happy cooking!


3 Responses to Why a Kosher food blog?!?!

  1. We would like to inform you about the new Bagel Of The Month Club (www.BagelOfTheMonthClub.com) . We deliver FRESH kosher NY bagels across the country. All of our food is under Rabbinical supervision. How do we get considered for future reviews? We’re happy to send samples…..

    • anna9985 says:

      I would be happy to review the Bagel of the Month Club if you would be so kind as to send some samples of your tastiest flavors of bagels! Please give me your email address and I will send an email your way so that we can arrange for delivery!

  2. I have recently started keeping Kosher and am enjoying your blog! So far I have gone the pescaterian route… 🙂

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