Everyone has that holiday that they always look forward to… for some it’s Thanksgiving because of the foods and the smells, for some it’s Halloween because of the costumes and the candy, for others it’s Hanukkah because of the gift giving opportunities.  Then everyone also has that holiday that they always dread… for some it’s Thanksgiving because they don’t like the foods, for some it’s Christmas because they never got the presents they wanted as a child and for some it’s Passover because you’re stuck eating matzoh for 8 whole days!

Well for some reason I am really looking forward to Passover this year… maybe because it’s a chance to do some thorough Spring Cleaning this weekend, to really scrub down our house and make sure it’s clean and spotless.  But I’m also looking forward to the challenge of making new recipes that are Kosher for Passover but that are not bland and boring.  I’m also looking forward to the Seders at our friends’ house and to one song in particular which I have had stuck in my head since last year at this time (let’s just say it’s about a goat!)

Are there any holidays that you look forward to each year?  Any holidays that you dread each year?


About Anna Levin

My name is Anna. My husband, Ken, and I live in Baltimore, where we are every mother's dream: he's an Ophthalmology resident and I am a lawyer! On October 8th, 2012 we welcomed our baby girl, Julia Rose, into the world so as you can imagine we are very busy chasing after her and watching her grow and learn as she explores the world around her! In my free time, I enjoy cooking, reading, blogging, spending time with my family and taking long walks in new neighborhoods. I look forward to sharing this journey and hope that in doing so, I can provide some insight for other first time moms. While you're at it, check out my personal blog: MyLittlePoppyseed
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