Passover 2011 will be over at 8:11 PM: How will you celebrate?

Passover will be over tonight at 8:11 PM.  (For those of you who are not MOTs (Members of the Tribe), the Jewish day goes from sun down to sun down, which means that holidays start at sundown and go until sundown.  Passover is 8 days long, so it started on Monday night at sundown and goes until tonight at sundown… then just to be sure the sun is totally down, you have to wait a little while before the holiday’s officially over (there’s a real Rabbi answer about why you have to wait, but I’m not a Rabbi so if you really want to know, go ask a Rabbi)).  So the question is… how will we break Passover?!  It’s not like Yom Kippur, where you fast completely for 25 full hours and by the end you’re willing to eat anything at all… cause we’ve been eating for the past 8 days, we’ve just been eating a lot of matzoh and a lot of eggs.  So the question is, what non-kosher-for-Passover meal will you have to “break” Passover?  For some reason I’ve been really craving frozen yogurt all throughout Passover so I was thinking of maybe going to get some frozen yogurt.  Our Rabbi is going to Cafe du Monde to Break Passover so he can have a beignet as his first Chametz.  What will you do?  Do you have any fun traditions for the end of Passover?

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