Starting to Dapple in…. Baby Food!

It’s been a really long time since I’ve posted… since I last posted let’s see… we had a baby!  Her name’s Julia Rose and she’s the most perfect thing since sliced bread!

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????

And now that she’s 5 and a half months old, we’re going to start making her baby food to eat!  Our plan (at least for now) is to make her homemade baby food for several reasons–it’s waaaaayy cheaper, it’s waaaaaaayy healthier and there are so many more varieties and combinations you can come up with than those you can find on the grocery store shelves alone.  So far we’ve only given her breast milk and rice cereal but our plan is to give her some sweet potatoes this weekend.  I’ve found a couple of really useful resources when it comes to making your own baby food.  One is Wholesome Baby Food, and the other is a blog called Chocolate and Carrots.

So in the coming weeks and months look for some new recipes for Kosher Baby Food!

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