Gender Reveal Cupcakes

So one big trend right now is the “Gender Reveal” party… and since we’re nerdy like that, we decided that we are going to do a “Gender Reveal” for our families tomorrow night.  See… Ken is graduating from Medical School on Saturday (that’s right, I’ll be married to a DOCTAH!) and so our whole families are coming in tomorrow.  We have dinner reservations at a Thai restaurant tomorrow night and then afterward, we are going to do the “Gender Reveal.”  Basically, my friend Kathleen and I followed a Martha Stewart Recipe to make cupcakes and frosting… we made frosting in two different colors–yellow to frost the top of the cupcakes–and either PINK or BLUE for the inside.  We used a special tip on a pastry bag to squirt some of the PINK or BLUE icing inside the cupcake, so that when people bite into the cupcake they will see the color and know instantly whether the baby is a boy or a girl!  Kathleen also had some King Cake Babies lying around so we put them on top of the cupcakes to decorate them. 

This is the cupcake recipe we used, and This is the Buttercream recipe we used.

Here are the cupcakes with their beautiful little babies on top:

I, for one, think they turned out pretty well!

You’ll just have to wait to find out though whether they were filled with PINK or BLUE frosting!

And… just for kicks, here’s a Baby Bump picture from yesterday, at 17 weeks and 1 day… just 3 more weeks until we’re half baked!

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One Response to Gender Reveal Cupcakes

  1. kathleenbyrnes says:

    The cupcakes turned out so well! I hope everything goes as planned. 😀

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