Day 8: Technology & Our Crazy California Adventure!

So I actually wrote this blog post like a month ago… right after New Years but for some reason I never ended up posting it.  Here you go!  Technology… how do you take a picture of technology?  Well obviously you could take a photo of a camera, or a computer, or an iPad, but everyone knows what those look like.  You could take a picture that has been doctored by the use of technology, with programs like Adobe Photoshop or iPhoto.  For some reason, rather than an image, there’s a particular story I think of when I think of how best to portray Technology.

A few years ago, Ken and I went to New Jersey for Passover.  We were staying with my brother-in-law, sister-in-law and our niece at their house, and Ken’s parents were also in town.  Ken’s younger brother, sadly, was in Paris.  He was having a grand old time doing a study abroad program there, but it was sad that he couldn’t be with his family for the Seders.  So in the morning while we were all cooking and getting ready for the Seder, Ken’s father’s cell phone rang.  It was Ken’s younger brother calling from Paris.  He was on the street somewhere, on his way to the Seder he had been invited to, and he was lost.  He didn’t have a phone on which he could access the internet, so he called his father on a cell phone–he made a  call from Paris to New Jersey to ask for directions.  Then, Ken’s father went on a computer, and looked up directions to a particular address in Paris, using Google Maps, and he gave the directions to Ken’s brother, who then was able to get there safely in time for the Seder to begin!  Every now and then I’ll experience a moment like that, when you realize how different our lives are now because of technology, than they were even 10 years ago.  Every day we use so much technology… and if it were suddenly all taken from us, would we know how to get by?

Without GPS devices, for example, we’d all have to switch back to using paper maps.  We couldn’t just have our GPS figure out an alternate route if there’s a lot of traffic–we’d have to get off of the highway, pull over, and look at the map to figure out another way to get to our final destination.  It really is crazy how much we rely on technology!

And now… our crazy California Adventure! Friday bright and early in the morning we flew to San Francisco.  Our flight took off from New Orleans at 6 AM, which put us in San Francisco at  8:30 AM.  I always prefer early morning flights because it means that when you arrive, you still have a full day ahead of you to enjoy.  We went home, ate breakfast, and then started our adventure with a walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.  That was something that had been on our “bucket list” of things to do in San Francisco for a few years now, so we decided to go for it even though the weather was not ideal.  It was very foggy and windy on the Bridge, but it was fun nonetheless.  After our walk, we went to lunch with my mom, and then Ken & my dad went beer tasting while my mom and I got beautiful manicures at Pinkies!  My finger nails look a lot like disco balls–they are purple and very sparkly!  For dinner my mother made a delicious dinner of salmon, twice baked potatoes and string beans,  then Ken and I went out to a couple of dive bars in North Beach (San Francisco’s equivalent of Little Italy). 

Saturday morning we woke up and headed to the San Francisco Zoo!  Ken had never been to the zoo, and it was a beautiful day outside–a little chilly but sunny and clear.  We particularly enjoyed seeing some of the monkeys.  Unfortunately, the day we were there was the same day that one of the Squirrel Monkeys was stolen from the zoo, but luckily he was found just a day or two later and he was returned safely to the zoo.  We both agreed that the San Francisco is the best zoo we’ve been to together (the other two being the ones in Baltimore and New Orleans).

Saturday night was New Years Eve… and we had a blast, despite one unfortunate incident.  First we went to dinner with Julia (remember, my best friend I told you about?) and Amelie at a funky little restaurant called Straw.  It’s a restaurant that features Carnival-themed food, and it was truly delicious.  For an appetizer we all shared sweet potato tots that came with a blackberry BBQ sauce, and for dessert we all shared two delicious desserts–a funnel cake that came with three different sauces, and a peanut butter fudge pie!  For New Years, the restaurant had a special deal, where for $6 you could get a bottomless glass of Champagne!

After dinner we all headed over to the New Conservatory Theater to see the musical, Xanadu.  It was very fun and whimsical, and we all had a few laughs!  After the show we all went to a house party that was being held by one of Amelie’s friends… now let me tell you a story about this house party… I don’t know if we bring bad luck to this party, or if this party is bad news and we somehow save it from disaster each year…

Last year we went to a house party hosted by this same friend of Amelie’s.  We had a blast–there were maybe 30-50 people there and everyone was having a great time.  There was great food, there were good drinks, there was great music and people were dancing and enjoying themselves… until one of the girls at the party fell off of her bed and broke her collarbone!  Ken had to play doctor, and he made the executive decision that she needed to be taken to the Emergency Room.  When we walked in, he started talking with the nurses and got this girl fast-tracked in the ER on New Years!  She was seen within 20 minutes.  So this year on our way to this same party, we all joked that we were going to avoid a similar situation… we said the night would be a success if we didn’t end up taking someone to the ER at the end of the night.  Well… in that respect it was a success.  We didn’t take anyone to the ER… but Ken did have to play doctor again for a young man who had a bit too much to drink and was not in good shape as we were on our way out the door.  Despite having to put on his doctor hat, we had a great time ringing in 2012!  We hope to avoid any medical emergencies next year so we can just enjoy our night… that is of course, if they invite us back!

Sunday we spent much of the day watching football with my parents–they were most interested in the 49ers game, but the Saints and the Patriots were playing at the same time.  We kept one eye on the Saints score, one eye on the Patriots score, and one eye (wait… that’s 3 eyes?) on the 49ers game.  That night we had a lovely dinner with my godmother, my father’s cousin and his wife and baby boy.  My mother made brisket and latkes for dinner, and we had homemade apple pie for dessert!

Monday was our last day in San Francisco–we spent the morning doing laundry and packing, then we went out to lunch at a delicious Thai restaurant in the Tenderloin.  It was described online as “Cult Thai” (we still don’t know what that means) but it was delicious, and they had about 15 vegetarian options on the menu, so it was a great place for non meat-eaters!  Monday night we flew back to New Orleans and we got home at about 2 in the morning.

Tonight we’re going to the Sugar Bowl (GO BLUE!) then tomorrow we fly to Baltimore for my swearing-in ceremony at the Maryland Court of Appeals in Annapolis on Thursday.  We’ll be in DC for the weekend seeing Ken’s younger brother and his girlfriend, some of my best friends from college, one of Ken’s best friends from when he was growing up, and hopefully a new friend who I met just a few months ago!  Expect a big update next week, and then I’ll be getting back into cooking for the rest of January.  We just got a big shipment of Kosher meat which is sitting in our freezer just waiting to be cooked, so there will be some new recipes being posted in the very near future!  Until then, I would like to wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

See… the benefit of posting this blog post a month after I wrote it is that I can show you photos from my swearing-in ceremony!

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