Day 4: My Favorite Color & an Apology/Explanation

First, my favorite color is………. drum roll please………… the color Purple!  No… not the movie or the book (in fact, I’ve neither seen the movie nor read the book), but the color, the actual color.  I found this beautiful photo on National Geographic which perfectly depicts my favorite color:

And now… the reason for my recent prolonged absence from my blog… I see that my last post was on Oct. 18th which was sadly exactly a month ago.  Shortly thereafter, Ken started traveling the country going around to his residency interviews.  (For those of you who may not know, he has choosen Ophthalmology as his chosen specialty).

 He was away from Oct. 29th through Nov. 5th and then again from Nov. 9th through Nov. 16th and he left again yesterday, the 17th, and will return this Sunday the 20th.  But here’s the thing… when Ken is gone, I don’t cook.  I’ve been thinking alot lately about why that is, and I have two reasons:

#1) Part of the joy I get out of cooking is from seeing other people enjoying my food.  Cooking is not nearly as enjoyable if I’m cooking for myself because I don’t get to share my creation with other people.  So, when Ken is away, I either eat really simple meals (yogurt and Kashi, scrambled eggs, veggie burgers, etc.) or I go out with friends, which leads me to reason #2.

#2) I am a very social person… I don’t mean that I like to go out and party and get drunk (cause frankly I don’t ever drink alcohol, except for the occasional glass of wine here and there), but that I like being with people.  Sure, I enjoy my alone time every now and then–it’s nice to have time to read, or watch TV, or work out, or do laundry, or just sit and ponder life’s big questions, but for the most part, I am happier when I am around other people.  So to me, the thought of going home and being by myself all night does not sound like fun, so I prefer to go out and eat with other people. 

Unfortunately, Ken’s and my crazy travel schedule will continue for a few more weeks… some of the travel is residency interview-related, some is for holidays and to see family, and some is for business purposes.  You see… on November 4th, I forgot to mention some HUGE news which is that I PASSED THE MARYLAND BAR EXAM!!!  But… Maryland is silly in some ways, and approaches Legal Ethics in a slightly round-about way, different from other states.  Rather than requiring the Multi-State Professional Responsibility Examination (i.e. the MPRE) like many states, Maryland tests Maryland legal ethics on their written bar exam, and they also require that new attorneys attend a 1-day Professionalism Class.  Once you have attended the class, you are then permitted to be sworn in.  So… our travel schedule for the next few weeks looks something like this:

We’re heading to New Jersey for Thanksgiving to see Ken’s family, then I come back to New Orleans while Ken stays in New Jersey & New York for a few more days.  While he’s there, I’m leaving to go to Annapolis, then he comes back to New Orleans and then I come back to New Orleans.  A few days later, Ken leaves for New York and Baltimore for another week, then he comes back to New Orleans and leaves 2 days later for Cincinnati.  By the time he comes back it will be the middle of December, and then 2 weeks later we are heading to San Francisco for New  Years to visit my parents.  The week after New Years, we go together to Annapolis for my swearing-in ceremony, and my parents will be meeting us there.  And by then we will be a week through January, and just a week later we will find out where Ken matches for his residency!  It sounds like it’s really long from now but I have no doubt that the time will fly by and by the time January 12th rolls around we’ll be asking ourselves where all that time went. 

So for now, I wish I could tell you that I would be doing more cooking now that the winter holidays are coming up but the truth of the matter is, that I probably won’t so for now, this blog will be about other things in my life!  I wish you all a very happy weekend and a Happy Thanksgiving next week!

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