30-day Photo Challenge… coming up next week!

So as I’ve mentioned before, I read a lot of random blogs that I’ve found on the internets… one of the ones I read is called Story of My Life and it’s written by a girl in Texas who is hilariously funny, like I seriously Laugh Out Loud (LOL) when I’m reading it from time-to-time.  Well, she posted this 30-day photo challenge on her blog, and I really like the idea, so I think I’m going to do it… but not yet since I’m leaving later today to go on a trip to Ohio!

Starting Monday, which is the same day I start my new grown-up job, I’m going to get started on this 30-day photo challenge… I’m not going to do it consecutively, necessarily but I plan to do all 30 since they’re some neat ideas!

For those of you who are curious why anyone would go on a vacation to Ohio, I have a very good explanation… when I was in college (at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland), I was a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma (Eta Epsilon chapter).  Every year Kappa puts on this thing called Leadership Academy, which is a 4-day retreat designed to teach both current Kappas in college and alumnae about some of the skills they need to be better leaders in their communities.  I went two years ago as an alumna participant and I had such a great time and met such great women that I really wanted to go back… but alumnae are only allowed to go once, UNLESS they apply and are selected to be a Facilitator-in-Training and then eventually, hopefully, a Facilitator.  So this year I’m going back as a Facilitator-in-Training.  And for an added bonus, it just so happens to be that my dad grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and has his 50th High School Reunion this weekend.  So he’s going a day early and I’m going a day early and we’re going to meet up tomorrow to spend a day sightseeing in Columbus, before we go our separate ways for our events.  So I’m off for now but I’ll be back from my trip on Sunday and I’ll start the 30-day challenge on Monday.  I hope everyone has a great week!

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