A Facebook dilemma, a bit of a scare and some random tidbits!

As some of you may know, I decided to deactivate my Facebook account during the 6+ weeks I’ve been studying for the Bar Exam.  This was because I knew that if I had access to facebook while studying for the Bar, that I would spend a good hour or more procrastinating every day by not studying and instead doing random stuff on facebook… uploading and tagging photos, facebook stalking people, playing games, chatting, etc. so I deactivated my facebook account.  My dilemma is this… when should I reactivate my facebook account?  You see, one nice thing about facebook is that it’s a good way to get support from people… you know those “good luck” messages when your status says something about a test, or those “happy birthday” messages on your birthday, and those “cheer up” messages when you write that you’re having a bad day… so part of me wants the “good luck” messages for the Bar Exam.  Also, if you think about it, at this point I pretty much know what I’m going to know and any more studying at this point isn’t going to make a huge difference.  But at the same time I sort of feel like this was a personal challenge, to see if I could really survive without facebook for 6+ weeks.  So far I’ve done spectacularly well and I’m almost there… what do you think?

The scare that we had today was this… my rings–both my engagement ring and my wedding ring–were getting resized at the Jewelry Store in Connecticut where Ken got them.  They called on Tuesday to get our shipping address and said they were mailing them out 2-day air and that I had to be home all day on Thursday to get them when they arrived.  So Thursday I stayed home all day… and they didn’t come.  Friday when I got home from studying… they weren’t here.  So this morning we called the jewelry store and told them what had happened and they said that according to the tracking number, the package with the rings had been delivered at 3:27 PM on Thursday afternoon (which is not true since I was home, the front door was open so that anyone who stopped at the door could see that I was home and I did not hear a knock at the door when I went to the bathroom or anything).  So for about 30 minutes we frantically tried to figure out with FedEx what happened with my rings… and then we discovered that they had accidentally delivered them to our next-door neighbors’ house.  So I walked over and there they were, in the box on their front steps!  (They must be out of town cause they also had another box waiting for them on their front steps).  We then both took a deep breath and smiled!  Now I have my rings back and they fit better than they did before!

And now for some random tidbits…

#1) We went to the mall several weeks ago (like maybe the first week Ken got to Baltimore) and at Brookstone I saw this thing that is absolutely amazing… first the photo, then the story: In case you can’t tell, it’s a bowl with a divider in the middle… and it’s designed so that you can put your cereal on one side and your milk on the other side.  The reason this is so amazing is that when I was little, my dad showed me a special way to eat Corn Flakes: you take two bowls–one for milk and one for cereal.  You grab a small handful of cornflakes, put it into the milk, and eat it up, then you repeat.  This way your cereal doesn’t get soggy while it’s waiting to be eaten.  With this bowl from Brookstone (haha! I feel like a commercial) for just $19.99 you can use just ONE bowl and your cereal won’t get soggy!

#2) At the house where we’ve been living, we’re kind of out in the suburbs… there are squirrels that roam around, and lots of birds, and there is a family of bunny rabbits that must live under the house.  I’d like to think it’s a mother and three babies (Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail).  So the other day as I was leaving, one of the baby bunnies (we’ll call it Flopsy) was on the walkway in front of the house and since it perceived me as a threat, it played dead or something… it sat very very very still while I took photos of it.  The minute I stopped looking at it, it ran into the bushes.  But luckily I grabbed my phone in time to get a couple of photos of it. #3) Last weekend we had our last practice test… and it also happened to be the weekend of Artscape, which is probably Baltimore’s biggest festival.  It’s an art/music/crafts/food festival which is really a lot of fun, but it was a little annoying because it took them 5 days to set up and 2 days to break it down and the festival itself was only 3 days.  And, since the school where I had my Bar Review Class was right next to where the festival was held, it was a pain in the you-know-what to get to class while it was going on.  But it did mean that our lunch break and study breaks on the days we had class were full of excitement… first, I saw a parade (they thought they were a second-line parade but they clearly have never been to New Orleans) and then I saw the parade of Art Cars! 

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One Response to A Facebook dilemma, a bit of a scare and some random tidbits!

  1. Mom says:

    Well you can get my good luck messages without Facebook. I’m sure you know all you need to know to and will be just fine giving it all back to the Bar examiners. Who are, after all, just some random lawyers and law school teachers, a group you’ve had lots of experience with.

    And the cereal bowl thing – – – I did that, something I did as a little girl. I also wiped the spaghetti sauce off the meatballs, using a stack of paper napkins. Grandma finally put a stop to that when she started cooking the meatballs separately from the sauce.

    And, while we’re at it, how do you know about Flopsy Mopsy and Cottontail? You never let me read Peter Rabbit to you because of the talking bunnies!

    lots of love and good luck wishes on their way to you.
    love, mama

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