I’ll be back very soon!

I want to reassure all of my loyal readers that I will be back on here very soon… you see, you know that Bar Exam I told you about? Yeah… well I’ll be taking it just a week from tomorrow and Wednesday.  Yeah, that’s right, it’s a 2-day exam.  Kinda sucks!  But then I’ll be done and I can sit back, relax and… wait, never mind… I can find some sort of job that will pay me $ and I can wait nervously and anxiously until I find out if I passed (on November 4th… seriously, does it take them over 3 months to grade our exams?!).  But all that really matters is that next Wednesday I will be done with the Bar Exam!But anyways… the exam is Tuesday and Wednesday the 26th and 27th.  Ken finishes up his away rotation on Friday the 29th, and then he’s flying back on the 30th while my mom and I drive back to New Orleans on the 30th and 31st.  Monday August 1st I’ll be back into the swing of things in New Orleans with our own kitchen, all our lovely wedding gift kitchen utensils and implements, and I’ll be able to cook again!  I also am not in school and I have no job so theoretically I’ll have all the time in the world to blog all day!

In case you were wondering what fun I’ve been having, here are some photos of the few fun outings we’ve had in the past few weeks… other than this it’s been me, with books and my computer, taking practice exams and writing practice essays.  I’d send you photos of that, but it’s not particularly exciting.

So the photos: the first two are from our friends’ wedding outside of Boston.  The groom is in Medical School with Ken and the bride is one of my best friends in New Orleans.  She and I have a 3-some of sorts, with the wife of another med student… since we’re all “med student spouses” we all get along well and know what each other is going through.  We’re kinda like “the 3 musketeers.”  The third photo is of me and Ken at an O’s game (I’ve been to three so far this summer!) and the last one is of Ken & our niece at the beach in Connecticut (the weekend of the wedding in Boston we also got a chance to see Ken’s family in Connecticut and Massachusetts, so we went to the beach with our niece on our last day there!)


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