So far so good…

So far studying for the Bar Exam is going well.  The Bar Review course I’m doing is great (let’s just say it’s not one of the national chains that advertises in law school hallways around the country) because we have in-person lectures, small group time to go over our essays, and because the class size is small.  We also have a number of online resources provided to us that we can use in our studies depending on how we study best.  It’s a course only offered in Maryland… but if anyone would like the name I’d be happy to provide it to you.

Ken and I have also been reunited… he flew up from New Orleans on Saturday but then we promptly left that afternoon to go to a wedding in New York City.  The wedding was of the son of one of my mother’s very good friends from law school (i.e. they’ve known each other for 40-something years).  Here’s me & Ken in our very southern outfits at the wedding:While we were in New York we also got to get together with Ken’s older brother, his very pregnant wife (her due date is June 8th) and our 3-year old niece.  She’s 3 so it’s hard to get her to do anything you tell her to do but at one point we did get a few really cute photos while she was being tickled.  She also asked her mommy and daddy what their dreams were, which was very cute coming from a 3-year old.New York is also the kosher-capital of America (though Baltimore is its very close rival) so we had an opportunity to go to two kosher delis… we went to Pastrami Queen on Sunday and to Ben’s on Monday.  Personally I preferred Pastrami Queen.  It’s a very small little place on 78th and Lexington with sandwiches, burgers, knishes, matzo ball soup, etc.  Ken had a mile-high pastrami sandwich which he looked VERY pleased to be eating, and I had a burger.  Luckily that won’t be the last time this summer that we get to eat at some delicious kosher restaurants, since Baltimore has its fair share as well, including several new ones which have opened since we lived here three years ago.

During our last few hours in New York City, since we didn’t have plans and didn’t really know what to do, we walked around Times Square and we found the Ken-doll section at Toys R’ Us.  I took these photos of Ken with his Ken-dolls, which I thought were pretty hilarious:Then last night we took the train back to Baltimore, did some grocery shopping at Wegman’s (possibly the single best grocery store I’ve ever been to) and then we went to bed.  Today is Ken’s first day of his first away rotation, so he’s busy getting fancy right now with his tie and blue suede shoes (well, no blue suede shoes but he does look pretty spiffy with his fleur-de-lis tie… hey, gotta bring a little New Orleans to Baltimore!)

Anyways… have a great week y’all and hopefully I’ll have time to post again soon!

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