Dessert Party & Contest: Part 2

We went to a very fun Dessert Party & Contest last night (hence the cheesecake that Ken made the other day).  There were six people there and we each brought a homemade dessert.  All of the desserts were truly excellent and it was difficult to pick a “winner.”  There were good things about each of them.  One thing that was particularly interesting was that nobody made obvious desserts like chocolate chip cookies or cupcakes or brownies.  We had a cheesecake, two kinds of pies, a chocolate eclair cake, my blondies, and a bread pudding!

First we have L. showing off her lovely strawberry pie (and E. trying to eat it!).  There was a thin layer of cream cheese with lemon zest mixed in between the crust and the strawberries.  The strawberries themselves were delicious and people remarked that they had just the right amount of sweetness.  Next up we’ve got G. with his chocolate eclair cake.  It was described as “creamy” and “delicious.”  Someone also said it was as though he had squeezed a donut into a pan and covered it with chocolate.  I don’t remember all of the fabulous descriptions but suffice it to say, the cake was delicious!  It was also, surprisingly, the only chocolate dessert at the party!Next up we have E. with her “Jew pie” (see the Star of David-shaped crust on top) which had cherries and blueberries.  We all agreed that the crust was one of the best we had tasted and that the fruits inside had just the right amount of sweetness and tartness.  It was truly excellent.Next up we have Ken with his cheesecake.  We did end up putting sliced strawberries around the top of the cake in order to hide the crack that formed in the top of the cake.  Everyone agreed that the cheesecake was perfect–it was exactly what you expect from cheesecake.  It was creamy and delicious without being too rich.  The flavors from the orange and lemon zest really cut down on the sweetness, and the strawberries helped add some visual interest.  Everyone also really liked the crust which they said was perfectly cooked.Next there’s me with my blondies.  The hostess’ father said that my blondies were the most “surprising” of the desserts, I guess because a lot of people don’t know what to expect from blondies but then when they bite in to them they find that they really love them.  I was called a “show-off” for making home-made toffee and then incorporating that into the blondies, but everyone did seem to like them!
Finally, we have the winner of the contest, E. with his delicious bread pudding.  It was just perfect.  It was described as the best bread pudding in New Orleans, and that’s saying something because there are some great puddings out there!  Out of six votes, his bread pudding got 3!  Then there were three desserts tied for second place (the cheesecake, the blondies and the “Jew tart”).The rule was that you could only vote if you tasted each and every dessert, but nobody complained about completing that task until we were finished eating and we all felt stuffed.  Here’s a photo of L’s plate, piled with one piece of each dessert.  We joked that it should be called “Diabetes on a Plate” or “The day I got ‘the Sugar’.”

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5 Responses to Dessert Party & Contest: Part 2

  1. Colline says:

    The desserts look absolutely delicious!! I would have enjoyed the chocolate eclair cake 🙂

  2. Robert says:

    Quite a show. It must have been delicious.

  3. What a fun party. Everything sounds delicious, but that bread pudding sounds super special.

  4. worldpeacebeginsinthebackseat says:

    Any way I could get the recipe for the strawberry pie shown here? It looks delicious!!

    • anna9985 says:

      Unfortunately I don’t have the recipe for the strawberry pie. I can give you some of the other recipes but that’s one I don’t have.

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