J.D., Esq., attorney-at-law

Dear Loyal Readers-

As many of you know (and many of you probably don’t know), I am going to be graduating from Law School this Saturday… that’s right, I will be a Juris Doctor, a lawyer, an attorney, an Esquire, as of Saturday evening!  Unfortunately, part of becoming a lawyer means that I have this gigantic test that I need to take before I’ll be “admitted to practice law.”  It’s called the Bar Exam and it’s kind of a big deal.  So I’m going to be devoting the majority of my summer (i.e. from May 20th through July 27th) to studying for and taking the Bar Exam.  I am going to be doing a couple of fun things during that time (read: we’re going to two weddings) but other than a couple of baseball games and maybe a festival or two, I’m really not going to be doing much of anything other than studying.  Ken and I will be living up in Baltimore during this time, since that’s where my Bar Review class is taking place.  (He will be doing away rotations at two hospitals in Baltimore).  Living in Baltimore means we will have a HUGE kosher supermarket very close to where we’ll be living, and we’ll have a couple of excellent kosher restaurants to try, so I’m sure I’ll post some photos and reviews of those, but I do not plan to do much fancy cooking while we’re away since I really won’t have much time.  Also, we’re subletting a house while we’re there and I don’t know what kind of cooking implements are going to be there–I may have to be very creative.  So I am writing to you to let you all know that I am going to be slacking a bit between now and the end of July… I’ll try to post every now and then and I’m sure I’ll put up a rant or two about how miserable I will be studying for the Bar, but unfortunately I won’t have much time for cooking extravagant meals.  We may be living on baked chicken and frozen corn (I kid, but it won’t be much fancier than that!).  I promise that I will make it all up to you after July, at which time I will be done with the Bar and I should have a slightly more normal life.

For now, I will leave you with this photo of me, in my cap and gown, from a couple of weeks ago when we had to get fitted, and we took some formal photos.  Have a great week y’all!

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