A beautiful wedding!

On Monday night Ken and I went to one of the most beautiful weddings I think I have ever been to. What made it so beautiful was the fact that it was small and intimate. The only people involved were the Bride & Groom’s immediate family, and a few selected friends (we were technically not invited but the Bride told me we were welcome to “crash” their wedding, and since we really wanted to support them and celebrate with them, we did just that, but with her blessing!) The ceremony was performed by the Rabbi from our shul, Uri Topolosky, who knows the couple very well so the ceremony was very personal and it almost felt impromptu. The couple getting married is very much in love and they smiled throughout the entire ceremony and the dinner afterward, and they were just so happy! Another Rabbi, from Tulane Hillel, designed their ketubah, which was absolutely beautiful.  See for yourself:

Here are just a few photos from the wedding, which was a very traditional Jewish wedding in some ways (in terms of the traditions they followed) and it was very un-traditional in other ways.

After the intimate ceremony, which took place at Tulane’s brand new Hillel building, on the patio outside, all of their guests drove out to Metairie to have dinner at Casablanca, one of our two Kosher restaurants. There was a special menu put together just for the wedding, and they had two different Pareve cakes for dessert–a coconut cake and a chocolate cake!

We went around the table and everyone shared a toast with congratulatory remarks for the couple, and some people shared stories about them as a couple or about them as children. The bride also went around the table and explained how she knew each person there, and what they meant to her. It was very meaningful and special and we are so grateful that we were able to be a part of their special day!

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