New Orleans is Such a Fun Place to Live!

I know I apologized about this in my last post but I’ll do it again today (since I have to post today in order to keep up with my challenge to post at least once a week).  I’m sorry that I have not been cooking AT ALL in the past couple of weeks.  But you see, my mom left on Monday and then my friend Holly arrived on Wednesday so we’ve been eating out a lot and when we haven’t been eating out, we’ve been eating leftovers from when we have eaten out.

So instead of posting anything about food, I’ll post some of the best photos from the last couple weeks of parades that we’ve been to.  Today, Ken and I will be riding in the Krewe of Tucks parade, which is riding at 10 AM (instead of our regularly scheduled time).  We’ll be on the Neutral Ground Side, in positions #1 and 2.  Look for us if you happen to be in town and we’ll throw you something good.  Just make sure we notice you by calling out our names.

And here are some photos…

I tried this mask on at Walgreens. Yes, even drug stores get into the spirit of Mardi Gras!

Yesterday we had a chance to go check out the Tucks floats at Mardi Gras World while we uploaded our beads and other throws onto our float, so here are a few from yesterday:

and here we are up on our float:


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