Geeky Kitchen Gadgets

We have a lot of leftovers in our fridge at the moment and I’m not planning on cooking for a couple days cause we have plans to go out, so I wanted to share something funny that I found, in the hopes that it will give some of you a good laugh on this lovely Friday!

I found this list of 10 Cool Geek Gadgets for the Kitchen, and I thought I’d share some of the funniest ones.

First, there’s an R2D2 Trash can which is great for Star Wars fans out there:

Next, there’s a set of Tetris Ice Molds–as someone who (I admit it, I’m a geek!) used to play Tetris on her Gameboy back in elementary school, I thought these were pretty cool:

Next there’s a fire extinguisher that’s shaped like a hand grenade… the problem with this one is, knowing Ken, I could totally see little boys (or even grown up husbands) playing with this and pulling the pin out, which would cause quite a mess… but it’s cute, nonetheless:

Available to buy from:

This second to last one is pretty funny and great for high-tech gadget freaks out there, it’s a kettle that you can turn on and off with a text message!

Apparently this one's not available for sale, yet.

and finally… since I live in New Orleans I had to include this one, a voodoo knife set.  When I saw this one, I literally LOL’d, it was that funny!

And if you want to see the rest of this list, just check out the link up at the top of this post.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and a very Happy and Healthy Shabbos.  Shabbat Shalom Y’All!

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One Response to Geeky Kitchen Gadgets

  1. Theresa says:

    Oh wow, that voodoo knife set is awesome!!!

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