Shabbat Dinner

Tonight Ken and I are having two couples over for Shabbat dinner, then afterward we’re going to the Prytania Theater to see Rocky Horror Picture Show!  Should be fun!  So for Shabbat dinner tonight, I’m baking Dahlia’s challah recipe, and I’m making salad, soup, chicken and rice.  The soup is made out of broccoli and leeks, so I figure that makes up for not having a vegetable on the side with the chicken.

I made my challah dough this morning, maybe an hour ago… and I’m getting a little nervous (ok, maybe a lot nervous!) cause it looks like it’s not rising… I remember when I made it at home over winter break it started rising almost immediately and had doubled in size within the first half hour.  Maybe I need to just not check on it so much… it’s one of those things where if you watch it it’ll never rise, like how a pot of water will never boil if you watch it?

So anyways… the table is all set (well part of it is anyways), and I did the grocery shopping this morning so we have all the ingredients ready to go and I’ll probably start cooking around 4 or 5 PM since people are coming over around 7.

So here’s what the table looks like:

From left to right we’ve got flowers, Shabbat candlesticks, napkins, a salt and pepper shaker, a Kiddush cup and Kosher grape juice, a challah cover and a Shabbat plate.

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