Delish Desserts by Holly: Weekly Specials for Feb. 11th

This week, Holly has new specials available for Friday, February 11th!
If you would like to order one of the weekly specials, simply email Holly by Wednesday night.  She will bake your treats in time for you to pick them up on Friday between 11 and 4:30pm.

Here are this week’s specials:

  • Chocolate peanut butter oatmeal bars: $3 per dozen
  • Classic chocolate chip cookies: $3 per dozen
  • Sweetheart Cookies (heartshaped, decorated sugar cookies): $3 per dozen
  • King Cake: $12 for small, $20 for large

You can also buy made to order birthday cakes and seasonal treats. King cake will be on special through the Mardi Gras season and hamentashen will be availalbe for Purim.

Here are the desserts that are not on special this week. They may be ordered by the batch (not by the dozen).

  • Lemon Cookies: $12 for approx. 4 dozen
  • Chocolate Cherry Cookies: $6 for approx. 2 dozen

If you know of anyone who should be added to the weekly email list please let Holly know by emailing her.  Remember that even if you don’t live in the New Orleans area, you can email and arrange to have Delish Desserts shipped to you!

Contact Info:

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