I promised I’d post at least once a week…

Since I decided to participate in WordPress’s “postaweek challenge,” I have to post on my blog at least once a week but I realized today that I don’t really have much of anything to write about.  I did do some cooking over the weekend but I didn’t take any pictures while I was doing it, so I know it’s not as exciting as it could be.  Saturday night, my friend Sarah and I made dinner together and then Sabrina came over to Sarah’s house and the three of us had a girls’ night: dinner & a movie.  Sarah and I made a Greek chicken dish that included artichoke hearts and mint.  It was quite delicious, and on the side we made some rice.

This is a photo of Sabrina, Sarah and I from the summer. Unfortunately I forgot my camera on Saturday night so I don't have any more recent photos of the three of us.

Sunday night, for Ken and me I made a trout dish that had a spicy mayonnaise sauce on it, and a spicy red cabbage and jicama slaw on the side.  Like I said, unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures–Saturday night it was because I didn’t have my camera with me and Sunday it was simply a case of forgetting.  So, I apologize for the lack of photos on today’s post.

One thing I did want to mention/ask about is the Golden West Cattle Company…  This is an OU Certified Glatt Kosher cattle ranch out in Colorado.  My mom has sent us steaks and brisket from them in the past.  For the past few weeks their website has said something along the lines of “bear with us while we update our system in preparation for the holidays,” but the holidays are over… so my question to anyone in the know, is what is going on?  Are they still open and operating or have they closed down?  I really hope they are not closing because they have great quality meat and cuts of meat that you can’t easily find in places with smaller Jewish communities.  So if anyone has any information please pass it along to me.  Thanks!

I’ll try to remember to take more photos while I cook this week–I’m not sure yet what’s on the menu for the week but as soon as I figure it out, I’ll let you know!  Thank you for bearing with me.

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